Karine Douplitzky

The Internet Manual Publication date : November 1, 2001

How do you get online? How do you use email? How do you navigate the web? How do you talk online? Is the web practical?
If you are brand new or already more advanced, this book responds to your needs and allows you to progress in the world of the Internet. It's not too late to become a part of the community of Internauts, we can prove it to you! Even for the bravest, is is always good to review certain basic knowledge. You will find in this book explanations for various levels of users. In the fashion of multimedia, it's for you to dig around in the different chapters that correspond to your needs, to skip the paragraphs that seem too technical for your level of understanding, or on the other hand to excavate everything, if you have already achieved a certain degree of proficiency. In any case, you will learn what's important.
The practical charts will guide beginners in their efforts. Answers to frequently asked questions will aid more familiar users. Explanations regarding the internal functions of the network will supplement the concrete examples so that the practical and the theoretical blend harmoniously. Though a novice you can hope to understand what happens in those wires.
The Internet is a media that has been discussed and explained innumerable times and in countless ways. It is through practice that you will learn how to operate it. At the least, the book provides many references such as services and sites that are useful to consult and that allow you to expand your navigation to discover even more.
In the face of the dazzling evolution of this network and its contents which are continually reinventing themselves anew, this book does not intend to recount exhaustively a collection of good sites. It simply presents a few key sites and orients you. It's up to you to travel further. Bon voyage!