Anne de Kervasdoué

Men’s Questions Publication date : October 1, 1996

Today, information concerning the feminine body and its functioning is generally transmitted from mothers to daughters, but this is not true in the case of men. Men speak very little about their intimacy in general, whether it be physiological or psychological.This practical guide aims to fill this void of information ; it is written for men who are desirous of exploring their own world as well as women wishing to establish a better understanding with their husband or son. Written in the same format as Questions de Femmes, the book covers each stage of man's life, from birth to old age - treating specific questions on men's health, bodies, sexuality, fatherhood... : do men have specific erogenous zones ? How do adolescents feel about their first sexual experience ? Should men witness the birth of their child ? What can medicine contribute to sexual fulfillment ? What are the existing remedies for impotence and sterility ? What about andropause ? Who should you consult with in the case of urinary problems ? What are the symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease ? All of these questions, and many more, are answered in a precise, clear way with up-to-date, detailed explanations. Doctor Jean Belaisch is an endocrinologist, gynecologist and sterility specialist. He teaches andrology and has greatly contributed to the field's recognition in France. Doctor Anne de Kervasdoué, mother of two, is a gynecologist at the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul maternity and at the Necker Hospital in Paris.