Louis Bodin, Bernard Thomasson

Weather Travel Guide Publication date : March 21, 2013

Louis Bodin is a meteorological engineer and a weather presenter on French network television.
Bernard Thomasson is a journalist on the French news radio station France Info.
They were co-workers at the French TV weather channel for fifteen years.

Where to go in February for sunny weather? What countries are least likely to be hit by cyclones in October?
This book answers these and many other questions to help you select a holiday destination with the most favourable weather prospects.
Countries are classified according to weather and with recommended seasons for different activities (swimming and sunning, skiing, hiking, sightseeing). All the necessary information will be at your fingertips to decide where to go, month by month, from January to December.
Included here are a total of a hundred countries worldwide and some twenty French regions, with indications covering a range of conditions (‘frequent fog in the morning’, ‘watch out for jellyfish, often prevalent at this season’, ‘showers likely in the late afternoon’, etc.).
The guidebook also lists the main things to do and sights to see in each country once you get there (monuments, museums, tours) as well as the necessary practical information to help you prepare your trip (passport formalities, time zones, currency, etc.).

• A four-colour guidebook, illustrated with maps, photos, highlights.
• Thorough information to help you prepare your trip flawlessly.
• The smartest travel guide: where to go, month by month, according to weather.
• Principal highlights in each country and practical tips.