Anne de Kervasdoué

Women's Questions Publication date : October 1, 1999

This practical guide brings us up to date on women's health and answers a multitude of questions about the female body, sexuality and fertility. It offers a complete panorama of gynecological knowledge about each stage of woman's life, from birth to old age : what kind of contraception should you choose before age 20, and what kind after 40 ? How do you maximize your chances of having a child at the chosen time ? What can be done in the case of repeated miscarriages ? What can medicine contribute to the blossoming of sexuality ? What are the
current possibilities of plastic surgery for breasts ? How does a breast cancer evolve ? What are the consequences of AIDS on child-bearing ? What are the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases ? The answers to all of these questions, and to many more recent ones : (What results does ICSI give in the treatment of sterility ? What is the "third generation pill" ? What are the side effects of substitute hormonal treatments ? etc ...) are given here by a woman gynecologist in precise, detailed terms. Doctor Anne de Kervasdou, mother of two,
is gynecologist with the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul maternity section at the Necker Hospital in Paris.