Anne de Kervasdoué

Women's Questions New, revised and enlarged edition Publication date : May 9, 2004

This is the revised and expanded fourth edition of Anne de Kervasdoué's highly successful handbook on women's health, Questions de Femmes. The author, a gynaecologist, answers a large range of questions about the female body, sexuality and the control of fertility. She provides an extensive survey of gynaecological information for each stage of a woman's life, from birth to old age. What type of contraception should be used before the age of twenty, and after forty? How can a woman increase her chances of becoming pregnant when she wishes? What should be done if a woman has one miscarriage after another? How can medicine further sexual fulfilment? What can plastic surgery do for breast enhancement? How does breast cancer develop? What are the effects of AIDS on maternity? What are some of the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases? Anne de Kervasdoué also offers precise and detailed information about such recent developments as intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) for the treatment of male sterility, she explains what is the “third-generation Pill”, and she examines the secondary effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).
Most of the changes in this new edition concern the treatment of the menopause. Following the recent publication in Britain and the United States of three studies revealing a higher incidence of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases among women who take hormones, questions are being raised about the benefits and risks of HRT, and women want to be able to make informed decisions.
Included here are a practical guide and a list of useful addresses, which have also been updated.

Anne de Kervasdoué is a gynaecologist working in the maternity clinic Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, in Paris. She is the author of Jours de Femmes, and the co-author (with Janine Mossuz-Lavau) of Les Femmes ne sont pas des hommes comme les autres and (with Dr. Jean Bélaïsch) of Questions d'Hommes, all three published by Editions Odile Jacob.