Marie-Laure Fléchet, Pierre André

A Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Skin Publication date : May 1, 1997

How can we repair the irreparable damage of age ? What can be done to treat hair loss ? What exactly are the effects of sun on the skin ? What are the latest techniques in permanent epilation ? Recent progress in dermatology, scientific cosmetology and dermatological surgery have completely modified our way of cleansing and caring for our skin and hair. The medias and advertising cover science's latest break-throughs in abundance, but how can we separate truth from fiction ?A true guide to beauty, this book is a also a health guide for the whole family. We know that skin problems are an everyday problem for many people : acne, red patches on the face, brown spots, eczema, allergies, varicose veins ... so many unpleasant symptoms that this guide will help you to understand and treat.With rigor, simplicity and practicality, the doctors Marie-Laure Fléchet and Pierre André give personalized advice and help you to better live with the inseparable companion which is your skin.Marie-Laure Fléchet is a dermatologist specialized in skin allergies. Pierre André is a dermatologist specialized in surgical dermatology. Both were heads of clinic at the medical school and attached to the Hospitals of Paris.