Hervé Grosgogeat

The Acid-Base Method How to Lose Weight, Slow the Ageing Process and Prevent Disease Publication date : May 15, 2009

Acid-base equilibrium is the key to health, weight loss and general well-being.

Dr Hervé Grosgogeat proposes a new method based on recent scientific findings which blame acidity for many health problems. Excess weight, fatigue and premature ageing are all signs of a great inner imbalance brought on by unsuitable nutrition.

Dr Grosgogeat's innovative method is to fight against acidity by purifying the body, then re-mineralising it with a new diet.

He proposes a complete programme to enable the long-term recovery of the body's lost equilibrium. The method's guiding principles are, first, to clean the body of toxins and, secondly, to strengthen its mineral reserves by selecting appropriate foods and adopting new eating habits. Emotional management is also essential to the method. Meditation techniques and physical exercise are the means toward greater emotional equilibrium.

This is a complete programme to lose weight, improve one's physical appearance and delay the effects of ageing.

Recent scientific findings have shown that the balance between acids and mineral-rich foods is a crucial factor in maintaining health. Dr Grosgogeat's holistic approach can prevent many diseases caused by a hostile environment. He proposes a diet that is in harmony with the dieter's organism and that guarantees weight loss. This method shows that proper nutrition, combined with stress management, can lead to health and equilibrium.

Numerous practical aids have been included to help readers follow the method: tests, charts listing the acid and mineral potential of different foods, as well as some encouraging personal accounts showing that the acid-base method works.

Doctor Hervé Grosgogeat, a physician and nutritionist, specialises in stress management and in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. His experience as a nutritionist has induced him to take a holistic approach, based on nature therapy and complementary forms of medicine. He holds degrees in biology, sports medicine and nature therapy. He is on the medical faculty of the University of Paris XIII.