Stéphanie Bertholon

Coping With a Stressful World Publication date : February 21, 2013

Stéphanie Bertholon teaches at the School for Practising Psychologists, in Lyon. She trained in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and specialises in the psychology of stress and the treatment of anxiety and occupational burnout.

Stress and anxiety are the disorders of the 21st century and a sign that humans adapt poorly to relentless, accelerating change.
The constant race for greater efficiency concerns every sphere of society: technology, social relations, etc. Besides leading us to believe we are all-powerful, it modifies our behaviour, which is increasingly shaped by the changing social milieu rather than by our actual needs.
What are the mechanisms that allow social changes to affect our lives? New technologies and generalised progress can normally be equated with improved services, comfort and security — but at what human cost? Have we become the slaves of such advances? How can we adapt to the evolution of our society, without the risk of losing our freedom and our mental health?
Besides analysing new forms of stress, this book shows how to attain a certain detachment when faced with rapid change, since all human beings aspire to a balance between stability and movement. How to lead a better life by learning to cope with stress.

• Stress: the disorder of the century.
• A holistic approach to stress (society, technology, family, work).
• Keys for a better understanding of stress — and effective strategies to help you cope with it.
• This is the third book in a new series, under the editorship of Frédéric Fanget, dealing practically with health issues, from a medical as well as psychological angle.