Bruno Sauron, Simone Dobler

Dizziness Publication date : February 20, 2005

Dizziness and problems relating to balance can take many forms:
-"physiological" types of dizziness such as motion sickness and vertigo;
-sudden dizzy spells resulting from lesions in the ear, which in turn are caused by brain lesions;
-constant dizziness or chronic problems with balance.
This book explains the following:
-all known symptoms (dizziness, loss of balance, anxiety);
-existing forms of treatment to alleviate these unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible;
-the illnesses (about 80) that can cause dizziness; specific symptoms to look for; and various forms of long-term treatment (prevention, physiotherapy).

One out of three people will suffer from dizziness at some point in his or her life. Because dizziness is a mysterious symptom that can induce anxiety, patients often demand more information than has been readily available.
Drawing on twenty years' experience, the writers approach dizziness from various angles - otorhinolaryngology, neurology, the emotions - in simple, accessible language, illustrated with many examples.

Simone Dobler is an otorhinolaryngologist. Bruno Sauron is a neurologist. In 1983, they created a multidisciplinary consultation for patients suffering from dizziness, at the Hôpital Saint-Michel, in Paris.