Perla Kaliman, Miguel Aguilar

Feed Your Brain Neuroscience, food and gourmet recipes Publication date : March 29, 2017

Perla Kaliman holds a doctorate in biochemistry, specializing in the structure of proteins. She combines her expertise in cellular and molecular biology with an interest in preventive medicine and works especially on oxidative stress and inflammation, which are the cause of chronic diseases and diseases related to aging.
Miguel Aguilar, a chef who has cooked at some of the best addresses in Barcelona and San Sebastian.

Who wouldn't want to keep his brain healthy, to make it more effective and, more than anything, to protect it from aging and attacks of time? Thanks to the immense contributions of neuroscience we know today that with a good diet it is possible to halt the phenomena of oxidative stress that affect the brain. So let's go into the kitchen to take care of our brain!
Biochemist Perla Kaliman and chef Miguel Aguilar have got together to create a cookbook that combines science and good eating, health and pleasure for the taste buds. The book presents fifteen key foods, whose benefits as antioxidants or richness in essential fatty acids have been proven by authoritative studies, in around forty illustrated recipes that are as tasty as they are useful for our brain functions.
This book is both a guide to beneficial ingredients for brain health and a cookbook for the enjoyment of all. A cocktail of intelligence and gastronomic pleasure at the service of our neuronal health!