Gaëtan Cousin, Dominique Page

Finding Inner Peace Without Meditation 9 Keys to a Mindful Existence Publication date : February 3, 2016

Gaëtan Cousin is a researcher, a doctor in psychology and a clinician. He has worked at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, in the Psychiatry Department of Oxford University, with Professor Mark Williams, cofounder of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).
Dominique Page is a doctor in psychology and a psychotherapist. She divides her time between teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and Biology at Lausanne University and her private practice.

Mindfulness is an approach to life whose positive effects on our emotional wellbeing have been amply demonstrated and that we can strive to maintain at all times.
Not only does mindfulness develop attention and concentration skills, it also reduces the recurrence rate of painful emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger, while at the same time increasing the presence of such pleasurable emotions as joy and inner peace.
If you’re faced with job-related stress, dejection, persistent problems or family conflicts, this clear, accessible book will show you how to recover and maintain inner equilibrium in your daily life and how to avoid being destabilised by annoyances, difficulties or fear.
Mindfulness is a method that will enable you, with a little training and a few well-chosen exercises, to shape your moods and learn to feel at peace with yourself. This is an indispensable work whose ultimate goal is to enable you to make the most of life.

• An easy, efficient way of practising mindfulness, in order to enhance wellbeing and to develop pleasurable emotions.
• A solid, clear, jargon-free presentation of mindfulness techniques.
• The ideal approach for anyone who is put off by formal meditation or who can’t find the time to meditate.