Jeanne Siaud-Facchin

How Meditation Changed My Life and Could Also Change Yours! Publication date : March 22, 2012

Jeanne Siaud-Facchin is a practising psychologist and was formerly attached to hospitals in Paris and Marseille. A specialist in gifted children, she is the author of L’enfant surdoué and Trop intelligent pour être heureux? She has been a practitioner of mindfulness meditation for many years and leads meditation therapy groups, in Paris and Marseille.

“You want to feel better? Practise meditation and you’ll understand…”
For Jeanne Siaud-Facchin it all began with this enigmatic reply. And since prior to being a concept meditation is an experience, she shares with us here the road she followed, as well as her doubts, her queries and convictions.
Mindfulness meditation is neither a relaxation technique nor is it a spiritual exercise. So what is it? And what purpose does it serve? How does it really change daily life? What impact does it have on our relations with others, on our environment, on our work? How is mindfulness meditation practised? And why, if it’s so easy, am I unable to “do” it?
Without taboos or detours, Siaud-Facchin gives precise answers to all these questions — questions that she once asked herself. She shows how meditation can radically change our lives by making us fully aware of ourselves, of others and of the world. Eschewing preconceived ideas, she invites us to share in a truly modern, living practice.

• This is not jut another book on mindfulness meditation, but the personal and professional itinerary of a practitioner who is also a psychologist. She tells us here what mindfulness meditation changed, for her and for her patients.

• The book contains a wealth of information on mindfulness meditation, juxtaposing recent findings in the neurosciences with actual experiences.