Helena Compper-Grosgogeat, Yann Rougié

Keeping the Energy of a 20-Year-Old Publication date : January 31, 2018

Helena Compper-Grosgogeat is a nutrition specialist and an expert in the field of nutritional psychotherapy. She is co-author of The Acid-Base Method and My Anti-Aging Promise.
Dr Yann Rougier is a clinical nutritionist specializing in neurobiology and nutritional health, best known for his slimming method, the SLIM-Data® Method, which has already been the subject of several published works.

An innovative health prevention approach based on a simple scientific principle: all our cells function more effectively when the organism’s acid-base, mineral and antioxidant balances are at optimal levels. We know that free radicals and cellular inflammation, largely derived from what we eat, cause aging of the skin and in the same way they contribute to the aging of all our organs.
To neutralize these triggers and prevent numerous diseases, Helena Compper and Dr Yvan Rougier have perfected a method called Biosystémie, which is a comprehensive strategy to improve diet and manage physical and emotional stress. Organized around effective lifestyle rules, it revitalizes the body and slows down the damaging effects of time: a detoxification system, a non-toxic anti-aging nutritional programme, everyday activities that promote energy and good humour. A synergetic action on our cells that produces an overall improvement as noticeable inside the body as outside.