Gérard Slama

Living with Diabetes Publication date : November 1, 2003

There are about two million diabetics in France.
Both forms of diabetes — insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent — are highly restrictive for the patient.
Part of the treatment of diabetes includes learning to live with the disease.
In this book, Professor Slama offers the reader “the fruit of 25 years of an individual and collective experience in a hospital environment”. This includes:
- both types of diabetes and the respective forms of treatment, possible complications, the most recent medical advances
- practical advice for daily life (work, home, leisure, childbirth, air travel, injecting insulin, etc.)
- questionnaires for self-diagnosis
- advice for the family and friends of diabetics
- in the form of a summary, the 163 rules to be followed by insulin-dependent diabetics and the 69 rules for non-insulin-dependent diabetics.
- useful addresses
- an index.

Gérard Slama is the head of the diabetics ward at Hôtel-Dieu hospital, Paris.