Philippe Chaduteau

Living With Osteoarthritis Publication date : October 19, 2006

In France alone, six million people suffer from osteoarthritis, a debilitating disease that stiffens and deforms the joints and can be extremely painful. Early diagnosis and treatment can slow down the progression of this degenerative disease, while recent forms of treatment can help stiff joints recover some mobility.
What is the best way of combining different types of treatment, painkillers, physiotherapy and infiltration? When is surgery recommended? Is it safe to continue practising sports? Philippe Chaduteau answers these and many other questions that patients frequently ask.
Osteoarthritis is no longer inevitable. Chaduteau reviews every available way of fighting against the disease — to help patients recover the joys of a supple body.
Because osteoarthritis affects each body part in a different manner, specific information pertaining to each (knees, hips, fingers) is provided here.
In addition, Chaduteau explains how to prevent osteoarthritis: finding your ideal weight to avoid putting too much pressure on your joints; taking physical exercise in order to strengthen the cartilage; being aware of your body so that you can prevent and care for any form of trauma — even a minor one.
Dr Philippe Chaduteau, a physician specialising in sports medicine, supervises the health of several top-ranking athletes. He is a former French diving champion.