Lucy Vincent

Make Your Brain Dance Publication date : September 19, 2018

A neurobiologist, Lucy Vincent is the author of several best-selling books.
Dance is a magical activity for boosting one’s brain power. Indeed, it combines the benefits of music and sport.
A stressful life, love problems, couple problems, a lack of inspiration, chronic fatigue, a monotonous life, too much work, weight problems… there is almost no problem that can’t be improved by practicing dance on a regular basis.
Neurobiology has made revolutionary discoveries in the past twenty years that show how the coordination of complex movements on musical rhythm leads to the de novo creation of networks in the brain. It creates new connections between the cognitive brain, the executive brain, and the emotional brain, while opening up new paths to emotional management, creativity, access to memory or the physiological control of bodily functions (digestion, sleep, weight control, agility…).
In this book, you are given all the theoretical and practical information necessary to enable you to rediscover your body and to stimulate your brain by exploiting centers of pleasure!
Shall we dance?