Agnès Augé

Mastering Your Voice Publication date : October 27, 2011

Agnès Augé is a speech therapist and psychologist, working in Lyon.

In tense situations our voices betray us, we can’t control them, we may even hate the way we sound. Do we realise how much our voices say about us?
The voice is a mirror of the self, revealing our personalities, emotional states, moods, characters, strengths and weaknesses, how we express ourselves, and our mental and physical health. The voice says everything.
But if we understand how the voice behaves, we can develop the necessary natural skills in order to feel better and freer about the way we express ourselves. By using and developing other resources, we can learn to educate or re-educate our voices so as to become more assertive. That is what this complete guidebook to the voice teaches us to do.

• A new series that addresses health problems, both medically and psychologically.
• Know your voice to become more assertive, more empowered and freer. This book shows how, with explanations, exercises and practical advice.