Yves Nadjari

Quit Smoking the Easy, Gentle Way Publication date : March 20, 2008

This new method explains how to quit smoking easily and gradually, practically without withdrawal symptoms, stress or depression, through:

  • Precise analysis of your dependence, so you can target it and overcome it.

  • An innovative process of preparation that makes you question the smoker you are today, and encourages the non-smoker that is in you (in every smoker, including long-time and heavy smokers, there lies a non-smoker).

  • A new type of medication, Champix.

  • A variety of substitutes.

  • A gradual step-by-step programme to reduce smoking before actually quitting.

The author provides rebuttals of the most frequent arguments used by inveterate smokers to defend their habit. This easy-to-follow practical guide (methodology, tests, exercises, tips) makes accessible to the general reader the necessary psychological tools to quit smoking successfully.

Smoking is now forbidden in public places in many countries. This new gentle method of quitting targets the 80% of smokers who are not prepared to stop abruptly, and who keep endlessly quitting, and then smoking again, because they are poorly prepared, or because they think they lack sufficient willpower. Here is a method that is both easier to follow and more efficient because it allows smokers to quit gently, one step at a time.

Doctor Yves Nadjari is a cardiologist and a specialist in tobacco cessation. He works at Hôpital Cochin and as a consultant at the American Hospital, in Paris. He is the publisher of Sevrage tabagique pratique, a French magazine on tobacco withdrawal.