Jacques Rogé

Stomach Aches Publication date : March 1, 2003

In France today, more than five million people suffer from stomach ailments of varying degrees of seriousness which are generally diagnosed as colitis intestinal malfunctions without detectable organic damage. In Le Mal au Ventre, Jacques Rogé studies the symptoms and describes the methods of investigation used in making diagnoses, which have become much more accurate than they used to be. He reviews various forms of treatment adapted to particular cases, with special emphasis on dietary advice. The author takes a holistic approach to the treatment of stomach problems, focussing on the psychological origins of many of these ailments. "A work$that is both very clear and highly thorough." (Prima magazine) "This little book is a general summing up written by a great specialist." Médecine Douce magazine) Jacques Rogé is a professor of medicine specialising in diseases of the digestive tract. He directed a hospital service in Paris for many years.