Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy:Overcoming Insomnia Publication date : June 27, 2013

A yoga teacher for more than thirty years, Lionel Coudron is a physician with qualifications in acupuncture, nutrition, biology, medicine and sports traumatology. He is the director of the French Yoga-Therapy Institute and the author of Le Yoga. Bien vivre ses émotions (2006) and La Yoga-Thérapie (2010), published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Yoga is recognised as one of the best methods of treating insomnia — an approach backed by current scientific studies.
Since drugs to surmount insomnia are often harmful, this book proposes an effective alternative to recurring sleep-disorder problems with a programme of yoga sessions, which aim to regulate our internal biological clocks.
Each yoga posture is broken down into a series of images, accompanied by the author’s indications, to enable readers to reproduce it easily and profitably. The detailed health tips included here constitute a real home yoga-therapy consultation.

• A completely natural, holistic approach that works on mind and body for optimum overall benefit.
• An accessible, concise, illustrated book that will enable readers to practise yoga on their own at home.
• Step-by-step explanations and lifestyle health tips.