Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy:Overcoming Stress Publication date : June 27, 2013

Lionel Coudron is a physician with qualifications in acupuncture, nutrition, biology, medicine and sports traumatology. He has taught yoga for more than thirty years and is currently the director of the French Yoga-Therapy Institute. He is notably the author of Le Yoga. Bien vivre ses émotions (2006) and La Yoga-Thérapie (2010), published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Contemporary life makes increasing demands on our time. As we rush around we may feel trapped in an uncontrollable whirlwind. And yet there is a simple way of controlling such feelings: by practising yoga. Over the millennia yoga has proven its usefulness, and modern studies underline its efficacy.
By intervening directly on the disagreeable sensations that the body stores and that nourish irrational thoughts, yoga postures help to wipe out all forms of tension and pain. These postures have a positive effect on the body, whether as a form of treatment (once stress has taken hold) or pre-emptively.
The book proposes a programme of yoga sessions aiming to regulate tension. Each posture is broken down into a series of images, accompanied by the author’s indications, to enable readers to reproduce the posture easily, accurately and profitably. The detailed health tips that are also included here constitute a real home yoga-therapy consultation.

• A completely natural, holistic approach that works on mind and body for optimum overall benefit.
• An accessible, concise, illustrated book that will enable readers to practise yoga on their own at home.
• Step-by-step explanations and lifestyle health tips.