Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy: Treating Back Pain Publication date : September 2, 2020

Lionel Coudron has been a physician and yoga instructor for more than thirty years. He is the director of the Institut de yoga-thérapie. He is the author of the best-selling Le Yoga. Bien vivre ses émotions, and La Yoga-thérapie. Corinne Miéville is a yoga teacher. She provides training at the Institute of Yoga Therapy with Lionel Coudron and runs the Yoga Garden in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Back pain is pervasive in modern society, so how can we treat it?
Who has never experienced back pain? Lower back pain strikes everyone, the young, women, men, athletes as well as non-athletes. There isn’t just one type of “back pain”; there are as many as there are people.
The benefit of yoga-therapy is that it offers exercises that are adapted to all situations. Yoga enables a “custom made” program with a soft touch, at all levels of back pain – neck, trapezius, lumbar region – to relieve tension, and enable you to regain a healthy posture.
There is also a connection between back pain and emotions which yoga deals with particularly well through conscious work on breathing. The powerful benefits derived from practicing yoga for our health have been clearly demonstrated and are now accessible to all through the tools offered in this compact guide.