Jacques Fricker, Anne Marie Dartois, Marielle du Fraysseix

A Guide to Childhood Nutrition From Conception to Adolescence Publication date : September 1, 1998

To feed your child well is not only to give him the things he needs to develop, but also to teach him the rules of a healthy diet. Parents understand the stakes, but are confused by a deluge of conflicting information. Food plays an extremely important role in the parent-child relationship. The toddler who refuses his soup is only trying to assert his identity by waging a small rebellion. The adolescent, with his unstructured eating habits, must understand that diet is more than a simple question of eating, but of a healthy lifestyle in general. This guide responds to every parent's questions by means of helpful charts, menu suggestions, scientific tables, an index, and a lot of good common sense. Jacques Fricker is a nutritionist at the Bichat Hospital. Anne-Marie Dartois and Marielle Du Fraysseix are dieticians.