Aldo Naouri

A Paediatrician Replies Publication date : April 1, 2000

Parents generally consult a paediatrician during moments of anxiety brought on by child’s illness, so they don’t always think to ask the seemingly banal questions that are nonetheless essential for their child’s daily well-being. Should a baby’s first teeth be cleaned? Should the baby be taken out every day? Why do some parents feel such acute fear that their infant might die? Is this normal? What should be done if a child bites other children? Why is a child nervous or sad?
In Réponses de Pédiatre, Aldo Naouri answers these and others questions and offers useful advice to parents on a wide range of subjects: how to prepare children so they’ll get used to their childminder or day-care centre, vaccinations, the daily walk, the father’s absence, homeopathy, antibiotics, premature infants, twins, adoption, tantrums, toys, and vitamins. This is a highly useful book that will help parents give their child the best possible care.

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician. He is the author of Les Filles et Leurs Mères, Le Couple et l’Enfant and L’Enfant Bien Portant.