Aldo Naouri

A Paediatrician Replies Publication date : February 1, 2004

Parents generally consult a paediatrician during moments of anxiety brought on by a child’s illness, so they don’t always think to ask the seemingly banal questions that are nonetheless essential for their child’s daily well-being. Should I clean my baby’s first teeth? Should I take my baby out every day? Is it normal to be so afraid that my baby might die?
In Réponses de Pédiatre, Aldo Naouri answers these and other questions, addressing such issues as an infant’s sadness or agitation, preparing for the day-care centre or childminder, taking a baby out, vaccinations, the father’s absence, homeopathy, antibiotics, premature infants, twins, adoption, tantrums, toys, vitamins, etc. The advice Naouri offers here will help parents in the task of bringing up and educating their children.

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician and renowned specialist in intra-family relations. He is most notably the author of Questions d’Enfants, Les Filles et leurs Mères and Le Couple et l’Enfant.