Fabrice Quercia

The ABC of Infant Care Publication date : May 13, 2011

Fabrice Quercia is a physician in private practice and in a day-care centre, in Paris. He worked with Doctor Julien Cohen-Solal at Hérold Hospital, and later at Robert Debré Hospital, in Paris.

Caring for a baby is not easy. Each day, parents face countless questions. Should they let their baby cry? Does the baby need to be changed? What to do if he has a fever? What sort of milk should she be given? The goal of this guidebook is to reassure parents, boost their confidence, play down controversial issues and offer concrete advice.
Presented chronologically, beginning with birth and covering the baby’s first two years, the book provides the necessary information and guidelines for each three-month period of the baby’s early life, and then for every six-month period, thus enabling parents to follow the psychomotor development of their child.
This guidebook offers advice on child safety as well as a dictionary of symptoms and childhood diseases, to help parents establish the foundations of their child’s healthy development from birth.

• Based on parents’ questions, this guidebook provides advice that goes straight to the heart of parental concerns.
• Also included: a chronological guide, tips on home safety, vaccines, travelling with a baby and a medical guide on symptoms and childhood diseases.