Malinka Dauverné

Early Bonding Advice for Parents Publication date : November 9, 2012

Malinka Dauverné is a psychotherapist, with training in cognitive behavioural therapy. She specialises in child and adolescent psychology.

The birth of a baby is the cause of major upheavals for the parents, whose lives will never be the same again. Are the new parents adequately prepared for the changes the baby’s arrival will entail? Many parents find their baby’s behaviour confusing, and they must learn to interpret it; they do not always understand what makes their baby cry, what its crying means, how to respond, why the baby doesn’t sleep through the night and, later, the significance of temper tantrums. Yet their main concern in the early days of the parent-child relationship should be to satisfy their infant’s innate need of proximity. By showing that they know how to respond to their baby’s needs, parents can successfully inculcate a feeling of security in their child. And it is by enhancing, as early as possible, the preconditions of that early bonding experience that they will further their child’s proper development.
This is why it is so important that parents acquire the self-confidence to bond with their child, from the very first weeks.

• A book for parents to help them bond and establish a good relationship with their child, from the start.
• Practical advice to help parents deal with specific situations: crying, not sleeping enough, playing, eating, temper tantrums, etc.
• These tips will enable parents to work on specific goals, such as self-confidence, parental consistency, educational principles.