T. Berry Brazelton

Going to the Doctor Translated from the English (United States) by Claire Joly. Publication date : February 1, 1997

What parent hasn't seen the expression of pure terror in the eyes of his child at the idea of going to the doctor ? What doctor doesn't vividly remember a young patient screaming and fighting off the approach of a stethoscope ? We all have to go to the doctor sometime, and this visit is often transformed into a veritable nightmare. In order to forestall these dramas and help the young (and less young) to overcome their doctor-anxiety, T. Berry Brazelton has used his long experience as a pediatrician this write a book. To do so, he uses easy-to-understand languge to clearly explain to children, the key moments of the medical visit. This illustrated book of about sixty pages is funny and perfectly adapted to young readers. It takes into consideration childhood terrors and also employs, to its advantage, children's natural curiosity. The illustrations, often quite comical, were drawn by the author's nine year-old grandson. Photos are included, making them even more understandable. With this book, the former occasions of children's torments and parents' agony are transformed into a time of discovery and shared complicity.

T. Berry Brazelton is an emerite professor at Harvard Medical School and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a world-renowned authority on children's issues and has been a pediatricien for over forty years.