Jacques Robert

Living With Allergies: Children Publication date : March 15, 2012

Jacques Robert is a paediatrician based in Lyon.

In recent decades, epidemiologists have become concerned by the rise in the number of allergy sufferers, particularly among children. Allergies are known to be more common in developed than in developing countries. In France, one out of four people suffer from some form of respiratory, skin, food or general allergy.
The goal of this book is to explain childhood allergies and what they are. The science of immunology is complex and immunological problems are not always easy to address. But this concise guide to allergies by a highly experienced allergist will enable readers to fully understand the symptoms corresponding to various allergies in order to correctly identify each one (urticaria, eczema, bronchiolitis, asthma, pollinosis, spring conjunctivitis, food allergies). Besides describing the factors that trigger allergies, the author gives advice on what to do and what to avoid, describes the latest treatments and reassures readers who are worried about using corticotherapies.
Recent advances have concerned therapies. The future will be increasingly technical, thanks to advances in allergy treatments. But the basic concern is still to soothe and relieve each child, to adopt the right attitude and to know what to do in case of an emergency.

• Allergies are not new but they are a growing public health problem.
• Symptoms, causes, treatments: everything you need to know to deal effectively with childhood allergies.