Julien Cohen-Solal, René Frydman

My Child Publication date : February 14, 2008

This classic manual on infant health and development, which has guided generations of parents, has been completely revised and updated and rendered more practical and accessible. More than ever before, today's parents need reassuring, expert advice to guide them in welcoming and understanding their new baby. With over fifty years' experience in paediatrics and infant care, Dr Cohen-Solal knows exactly how to advice and support young parents in their new role.

• Everything you need to know to develop an emotional attachment with a newborn: initial exchanges, childcare, medical exams, health. The author argues that this early attachment is the key to the child's harmonious development.

• Advice on organising early care; safety concerns when returning home with a newborn.

• Advice on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and on the diversification of infant nutrition; answers to the most frequently asked questions.

• A section on paediatrics tells parents how to monitor their baby's health, recognise the first signs of illness and react to them. This section also includes the latest information on vaccines.

• A clear, new full-colour layout facilitates consultation and reading.

• All practical information (administrative procedures, social services, useful addresses) has been thoroughly checked.

Regarded as one of the fathers of French paediatrics, Julien Cohen-Solal is a consultant in paediatrics for Paris hospitals and the author of numerous works that have become childcare classics: Comprendre et soigner son enfant and Les Deux Premières Années de la vie.