Françoise Millet-Bartoli

Mid-Life Crisis A Second Chance Publication date : September 1, 2002

In France, the notion of a “mid-life crisis” remains relatively little known. And yet, just like childhood and adolescence, mid-life is a specific age characterised by a distinctive psychology and, sometimes, psycho-pathology. This often-feared time of life, governed by major personal changes, can also be a period of true rebirth — if the mid-lifer learns how to deal with the changes, by being informed and knowing how to react. What is the mid-life crisis? Is it inevitable? What are its different manifestations? What impact can it have on the couple, the family, work and health? What factors are responsible for mid-life transformations? How are the changes linked to biological ageing experienced? What is the manifestation of maturity — the product of acquired experience and of the boredom of routine? What role is played by family events such as children leaving the nest or parents dying? How to change successfully ? How to take control of one’s life ? How to develop personal creativity ? How to avoid the most common illnesses related to mid-life ? This book focuses on what mid-lifers can do to live in greater harmony with themselves.

Françoise Millet-Bartoli is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and teaches at the medical faculty of Toulouse.