Jean-Marie Bourre

The Performance Diet (Coll. Opus) Intelligence, Memory, Sexuality Publication date : February 1, 1995

How can you maintain a maximum level of concentration all day long ? How can you avoid spells of fatigue and drowsiness ? How can you conserve and develop your memory ? How can you stimulate your intellectual vivacity ? How can you sleep well ? Improve your sexuality ? Develop and maintain your physical capacities ? For all these questions, how can we separate serious information from wives tales ? What should we believe and not believe ? Jean-Marie Bourre addresses these questions and many others by explaining what diet can really do for you.

Jean-Marie Bourre is a member of the Academie de Médecine and directs a research team specialized in brain chemistry at the Inserm. He is also the author of The Dietetics of the Brain ("Opus" 1995).