Dominique Laty, Jacques Fricker

A Guide to Physical Fitness Publication date : April 1, 1997

Good health is above all the result of good physical condition and a healthy diet. This is the unique recipe for acquiring and maintaining energy, beauty and health. But how can you find your marks in the confusing maze of health and fitness ? The methods proposed to the general public are many : bodybuilding, aerobics, soft gymnastics, Taï Chi Chuan, massages, etc... How can we choose the technique the best adapted to our physical condition, tastes and budget ? Dominique Laty proposes to guide us in making the right choices.There is also a very simple and economical way to cultivate good physical condition : in this guide, each one of us learns to be conscious of his good and bad body postures at all times - in the office as well as in bed. Movements for relaxation, exercices to sculpt and embellish the body or to better slim... All the means to the end (good shape) are here explored and explained (about 200 schemas) as well as their history.And since moving well implies eating well, the Doctor Jacques Fricker contributes his knowledge and advice : how to choose food to be in good shape and to compose balanced menus. What exercices are best for keeping your shape ? The arcane secrets of good shape are clearly exposed in a guide that is as practical and energetic as it is complete.Dominique Laty is a professor of physical education and a historian. She has already published several books on the history of gymnastics as well as on diets.Jacques Fricker is a doctor and nutritionist at the Bichat hospital (Paris). He is the author of the Nouveau Guide du bien maigrir (The New Guide to Slimming Well) and La Cuisine du bien maigrir (The Cuisine of Slimming Well).