Jean-Marie Bourre

A Program to Feed Your Brain Well Publication date : April 10, 2019

Jean-Marie Bourre is a member of the Academy of Medicine, he directed a research unit at Inserm [the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research] specializing in the chemistry of the brain and its relationships to nutrition, and was one of the scientists who discovered the effects of omega-3 on the brain. He has profoundly renewed the discourse on nutrition. His most recent books are: Laits: vrais et faux dangers; La Chrono-diététique; La Chrono-alimentation du cerveau [English?].

All you need to know to nourish your brain.

How do you eat well to think well? How do you eat well to make your brain function, to enhance its capacities for attention and concentration? How can you maintain memory through a tailored choice of food? These are some of the questions Jean-Marie Bourre answers. He was one of the first to understand the importance of the contributions of nutrition for cerebral function. Knowledge about the chemistry of the brain continues to progress. In this book, Dr. Jean-Marie Bourre focuses on the essential needs of the brain.