Hervé Grosgogeat

The Acid-Base method Publication date : April 20, 2007

You can recover your health and your form by improving your body's holistic balance. To achieve this, Dr Hervé Grosgogeat proposes a new method which aims to clean and purify the body in order to re-mineralise it and to stabilise it over the long term. Tiredness, stress, excess weight and some chronic diseases are manifestations of a profound internal imbalance, argues Grosgogeat, who goes on to outline a nutritional programme to restore the body's equilibrium. The programme comprises three phases. The first aims to cleanse the body of its acidity and to detoxify it by consuming some carefully chosen foods. The second phase aims to strengthen the body by increasing its mineral reserves. The goal of the third phase is to establish a long-term balanced diet. Another original aspect of Grosgogeat's programme concerns stress: in order to acquire health and well-being you must learn stress management, particularly by applying meditation techniques and by doing some simple exercises. This is a thorough programme that will help you become more energetic, feel healthier, and ward of the effects of the ageing process. The programme described here is based on the groundbreaking scientific finding which shows that the balance between acid foods and mineral-rich foods is one of the keys to a healthy organism. A holistic approach can prevent many diseases caused by environmental aggression. The author argues that a diet that is in harmony with the workings of the organism will favour weight loss. He also demonstrates how stress management coupled with a healthy diet can ensure equilibrium and health. The book provides several tools to enable readers to put these new findings into practice: tests and tables classifying foodstuffs according to their acid and mineral content. Doctor Hervé Grosgogeat, a physician and nutritionist, specialises in stress management and the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases. His experience as a nutritionist has induced him to take a holistic approach, based on nature therapy and complementary medicine. He holds degrees in biology, sports medicine and nature therapy, and teaches in the medical faculty of the University of Paris XIII.