Patrick Tounian

Answers to any questions you may have about your child's Food Publication date : May 27, 2014

Patrick Tounian is a professor of paediatrics in paediatric gastroenterology and nutrition at Armand-Trousseau Hospital, in Paris.

Parents who wish to know what their child should eat have countless books and magazine articles to turn to. So the subject should hold no secrets for them.
In fact, parents are more likely to be inundated with information dispensed by paediatricians, by friends and relatives, and by the baby-food industry. Amidst so many different, sometimes contradictory, recommendations, parents are often at a loss: Which is the best type of milk? At what age should an infant’s diet by diversified? Is excessive sugar really so harmful? Should one delay the introduction of foods that may cause allergies? Are organic foods preferable? What should you do so your child does not become obese?
These are some of the questions to which Patrick Tounian provides some surprising answers.

• A warning: children are not miniature adults; they have their own specific needs.
• Clear, concrete answers, backed by the latest recommendations made by internationally respected experts.
• The informed advice of a paediatrician, who has specialised in nutrition for more than 20 years.