Florian Ferreri, Franck Grison

The Anti-Depression Diet Nutrition for a Positive Zen Approach to Life Publication date : October 1, 2014

Dr Florian Ferreri is a psychiatrist, university professor-hospital practitioner in Medical Psychiatry and Psychology at Hôpital Saint-Antoine (Paris), where he heads an important consultation specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from depression and their families.
Franck Grison is a dietician working in Medical Psychiatry and Psychology at Hôpital Saint-Antoine.

We naturally alter our food choices according to the seasons and to our appetites and moods. Without paying much attention, we regularly use nutrition as a remedy: coffee in the morning to wake up and to get a good start to the day, an energy bar when we feel stressed, something sweet if we need comforting or in order to fight against a sudden loss of energy. Such habits show that what we eat influences our emotions and vice versa.
In this book, Dr Florian Ferreri and Franck Grison give a detailed explanation of the links between food and moods. They also provide some delicious recipes to make us aware that enjoyment, nutritional variety and good eating habits are important, not just for physical health but also as morale boosters.

• Everything you could wish to know about food’s ‘superpowers’.
• When you feel low or depressed: signs to look out for and how diet can help you feel better.
• Weekly programmes to help you choose the right foods according to the season, with a selection of menus and easy, affordable and tasty recipes.