Jacques Fricker

As Easy As Shedding Pounds Publication date : May 2, 2008

This book shows you how to lose weight effectively by taking your eating habits into account. There is now such an abundance of information on nutrition and slimming that anyone who wants to lose weight knows full well what to do. But following a diet on a day-to-day basis over a period of time remains a major challenge for many people. Between theory and practice there is often a vast chasm — into which many good intentions have fallen.

Among the many reasons given for failing to shed pounds are such classics as: “I don't do what I should to lose weight,” “I have poor eating habits,” “I eat out a lot,” “I can't cook,” “I don't have time to eat properly,” “I'm always snacking”.

Jacques Fricker has taken these situations into account and adapted nutritional principles to the difficulties and behaviour patterns of actual dieters. As a result, dieters will find Fricker's simplified rules and principles easier to follow. For each case the author provides a specific solution, with nutritional tables to be followed, suggested menus and, for those who have little time, quick recipes and cooking tips.

Readers will find everything they need to know to follow a tailor-made diet, adapted to their own situation and needs.

Provided here are the necessary building blocks for each reader to construct his or her own diet. The “Fricker Way” has been fully tested and it has been shown to work; its realistic, easy-to-follow principles have already enabled thousands of people lose weight successfully.

Jacques Fricker is the author of such great successes as Maigrir vite et bien (more than 150,000 copies sold). His reputation as a leading writer on dietetics was established with the publication of Guide du bien maigrir. A nutritionist at Hôpital Bichat, in Paris, he teaches at several medical schools and was for many years a research fellow at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM).

His other books include Cuisiner vite et bon (2007), Le Régime liberté (2007), Manger pour bien maigrir (2005), Bien manger pour être au top (2002), Le Nouveau Guide du bien maigrir (2002), Le Régime sur mesure (2001) and Maigrir en grande forme (1999).