Académie d'agriculture de France

The Big Book of Trust in Food Everything you want to know about our food Publication date : August 28, 2019

A hot social topic if ever there was one, food stokes passions as well as anxieties. From mad cows to genetically modified salmon, health scandals tend to hide the great fundamental tendencies such as the constant improvement in the quality of our food. This is why the Académie d’agriculture decided to assess the French food model, food safety, and the systems for labeling and guaranteed provenance, the French nutritional equilibrium, and changes to come in the agri-food industry.

A complete look at the issue in 100 questions, from the most common – what does “organic” mean? What is a “natural” food? An additive? A flavor? An omega 3? – to the most fundamental: how are we going to feed ten billion people on this Earth?