Dominique Laty

Cooking Mediterranean Great Dishes With Only Five Ingredients Publication date : October 6, 2011

Dominique Laty is the author of the very successful Le Régime des pâtes, Les Meilleurs Régimes du monde, Petits plats raffinés en 20 minutes chrono, Femme au top and of numerous other books on health and wellness.

We don’t always feel like cooking, for a variety of reasons: tiredness after a day’s work, not enough time, etc. But we still have to eat, to stay healthy, maintain our optimum weight — and for our own enjoyment. So, to help us cook without stress, Dominique Laty has created 200 fashionable and easy recipes with five or fewer ingredients (apart from such basics as salt, pepper, sugar, oil or butter).
All the recipes are based on Mediterranean cooking which has been proven to be healthier. The recipes require few utensils, the proportions are equal or multiples of one another, and therefore easy to calculate and to remember. And none of these delicious, healthy recipes takes more than 15 minutes to prepare.

• Recipes that respect the principles of ancestral diets: lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids.
• Delicious, sophisticated and yet easy recipes: few utensils, 5 ingredients and under 15 minutes.