Jacques Fricker

Fast and Effective Slimming Publication date : April 27, 2012

Jacques Fricker’s reputation as a leading writer on dietetics and slimming was established with the publication of his best-selling Guide du bien maigrir. A nutritionist at Hôpital Bichat, in Paris, he teaches at several medical schools and was for many years a research fellow at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

Maigrir vite et bien has sold 200,000 copies since the publication of the first edition.

This now-classic book outlines an easy-to-follow weight-loss programme that actually works and is tailored to a normal, busy life. With this diet you will be able to:
• eat proper food,
• share real meals with family and friends,
• keep your usual lifestyle,
• learn how to stabilise your weight once you have attained your goal.

This is a reassuring, supportive weight-loss programme that tells you how to make the right food choices, without permanently banishing any foods, and how to evaluate the right quantities for each person. Supplemented by valuable advice, this method will enable readers to succeed the stabilising phase of their weight-loss programme.

• A classic diet book and a tried-and-tested slimming programme.

• The author’s reasonable, measured recommendations guarantee the success of the method.

• Common-sense advice shows how to reconcile weight loss with good health.

• Also included here are recipes to help dieters follow the programme.