Dominique Laty, Paule Nathan

Great Shape for Women Beauty, Form and Health Publication date : May 18, 2006

The authors explain how with a balanced diet and a modicum of regular exercise women can stay slim, keep in shape, and protect their looks and their health.
Good eating habits lead to well-being and stable weight, as well as to the prevention of many diseases and the relief of numerous minor ailments, such as stress, difficulty concentrating and sleep disorders.
The easy exercises described here will help each woman sculpt her figure in relation to her own body shape, trim her waistline, flatten her stomach, and feel positive about herself and her body.

Dominique Laty is the author of many books on well-being and on healthy cooking.
Dr Paule Nathan, an endocrinologist and nutritionist, gives lectures and seminars on nutrition for both professionals and non-professionals.