Patrick Bibas

Know Yourself to Slim Healthily Publication date : April 17, 2009

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that being overweight accelerates the ageing process and the development of such diseases as diabetes and cardio-vascular disorders. Eating properly to safeguard health and knowing how to achieve permanent weight loss are thus crucial in combating premature ageing.

To lose weight you must know your body; this will enable you to determine the nature of the extra kilos you have put on (or risk putting on) and the cause of the weight gain. Waistline and the placement of body fat are both good indicators in determining your "weight-loss" profile. A better understanding of the mechanisms that caused you to gain weight will help you master situations that risk causing more kilos to pile on.Doctor Bibas' recommendations concerning fats, sugar, proteins and calories are based on the results of scientific studies carried out in some of the most prestigious hospitals worldwide. He explains how to develop good eating habits, which foods are the best energy sources, and how to organise meals.

Combating excess weight has become a public health priority. This book offers a new approach that takes the overweight person's profile into account. The advice and weight-loss recommendations given here are the result of recent, fully accredited scientific research.Patrick Bibas is a physician and nutritionist at Matignon Clinic, in Paris. He was formerly a medical consultant at New York University Hospital.