Jacques Fricker

Losing Weight and Feeling Great Publication date : March 1, 1999

Jacques Fricker’s earlier books were written essentially from the researcher’s point of view. In Maigrir en Grande Forme he gives the reader the benefit of his experience as a medical doctor specialising in nutrition, and reveals his own weight-loss programme. He is simultaneously more immediate, personal and concrete than in his earlier works.The reader is given a step-by-step weight-loss programme to follow – as are Dr. Fricker’s own patients. The book admirably succeeds in addressing the problems of each individual reader, while replying to a variety of specific questions and targeted weight losses. Unlike many unhealthy, fashionable weight-loss programmes, the Fricker method offers a balanced, easy-to-follow diet. Enjoyment and the demands of daily life are both taken into consideration, and there are no forbidden foods in the Fricker diet.
THE STRONG POINTS OF THE FRICKER DIETStay healthy while losing weight.There are no forbidden foods.Eat more in the evening than at lunch.Indulge yourself, then go back to the diet.Adapt the diet to your own personal needs and obligations.Don’t complicate your life.Enjoy yourself.Go to restaurants.Once weight has come off, it stays off.

Jacques Fricker is a nutritionist at the Hôpital Bichat, in Paris, and the author of Le Nouveau Guide du Bien Maigrir and La Cuisine du Bien Maigrir. He is also the co-author of Le Guide de l’Alimentation de L’Enfant.