Jacques Fricker

Maigrir vite et bien (Nouvelle édition) Publication date : September 24, 2004

How should you eat to keep healthy while remaining slim? What should you do to maintain your ideal weight, without having to diet constantly and without putting on excess kilos over the years?
If you have successfully followed a diet, how can you keep from putting the extra weight back on? How can you avoid the cycles of weight loss and weight gain?
Above all, how can you keep your figure, as well as your health, and safeguard against illness by eating an optimal diet? How can you stay slim while remaining energetic and without feeling tired - i.e. by keeping at the top of your physical and mental form?
This book shows how a single diet can enable you to simultaneously achieve these three goals - figure, form, health - since all food types that are good for your figure are also good for you and, inversely, those that are bad for the figure are also bad for you. All you have to do is follow some basic dietary rules and adapt them to your own lifestyle.
In this practical, useful book the author offers advice that is both scientifically sound and applicable to everyday life: choosing and cooking the most suitable foods to meet the three goals, making the best shopping selections, composing balanced menus in relation to age and lifestyle. He also addresses such questions as: What other means, besides diet, are there to meet the three goals? What role does exercise play? What should you do to have a flat tummy?
Numerous recipes are given at the end of the book.

Jacques Fricker is a physician specialising in nutrition at Hôpital Bichat, in Paris, and the author of Le Guide du bien maigrir, Maigrir vite et bien and Bien manger pour être au top.