Hervé Grosgogeat

My Anti-Ageing Promise Publication date : April 2, 2009

The food we eat, the air we breathe, our emotional states, stress — all these factors have an impact on our bodies, including the skin. Their slow but steady actions are responsible for a silent inflammation that speeds up signs of ageing and, over the long term, profoundly alters our bodies.

These findings, which constitute one of the most important discoveries of recent years into the ageing process, are the bases of Dr Grosgogeat's method to combat ageing by slowing down the process of inflammation.

He argues that a better diet and a healthier life-style can halt the process and produce a positive, lasting impact on our health: not only will we look better, we will also feel better and more dynamic.

This is the follow-up to the author's earlier book on the acid-base method, which is now applied to ageing prevention.

Included here are a detailed two-week programme, to be followed for a total of eight weeks; a list of recommended foods with a description of their properties; and more than twenty specially designed recipes.

Doctor Hervé Grosgogeat is the author of the successful La Méthode acide-base. A physician and nutritionist, he specialises in stress management and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. His experience as a nutritionist induced him to take a holistic approach, based on nature therapy and complementary forms of medicine. He holds degrees in biology and sports medicine and teaches naturotherapy at the medical faculty of the University of Paris XIII.