Helena Compper-Grosgogeat

My Detoxifying Method Using Acid-Base Nutrition Publication date : April 5, 2012

Doctor Hervé Grosgogeat, the author of the highly successful La Méthode acide-base (2007), is a physician and nutritionist specialising in stress management and in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. His other works include Ma promesse anti-âge (2009).
Helena Comper has a degree in nutritional disorders from the Medical Faculty of the University of Paris-V. She trained in France and the United States in cognitive and behavioural techniques of stress management.

Most people embark on a new diet full of good intentions — only to abandon it a few weeks later. What they need is a tool to help them keep up their motivation on a day-to-day basis. And that is what this guidebook to the Acid-Base Nutrition Method will enable them to do. It shows how to construct an effective, user-friendly, personalised weight-loss and life-enhancement programme, to be applied every day. With great precision, it combines a nutritional approach that really works with easy-to-follow behavioural guidelines and a variety of exclusive recipes.
The guidebook deals with problems of weight, ageing, muscle tone and health from a holistic point of view. It explains how to implement the principles and tactics of Acid-Base Nutrition — a method that takes into account every aspect of each individual: physical, emotional and relational.
By following this guidebook on a regular basis and constructing a day-to-day programme of personal development, readers will be able to attain permanent weight loss and a healthy equilibrium, under excellent conditions.

• By coaching us every step of the way, this guidebook shows us how to lose weight and feel great.
• Altering our weight, increasing muscle tone, ageing well: all these goals require adopting a life strategy that goes beyond a simple menu change. The practical method described here shows how to work harmoniously towards each of the above goals.
• A 28-day programme that offers sustained guidance, while recognising dieters’ emotions and imbalances. It will provide essential support for anyone wishing to successfully change their weight — and their lives.
• The pilot-diary integrates the factors that are at the origin of each dieter’s weight gain, such as relations with the outside world, tension, stress and loss of motivation.