Jacques Fricker

The New Guide to Successful Slimming Publication date : March 1, 1996

Jacques Fricker offers us here the new revised edition of his Guide to slimming, as comprehensive as ever but much more practical and easy to use, especially due to a new layout and organisation. All the information found in the previous Guide is included, but updated in the light of the most recent discoveries and new debates in the field of dietetics. The first part of this new Guide, entitled “Think before you lose weight”, suggests above all that it is necessary to identify both motivations, and chances of slimming. An original test table allows you to evaluate your strong and weak points, and consequently to “Define your Programme”. The second section “Eat Well to Slim Well” is dedicated to dietary advice and diet plan suggestions, with new advice on paying special attention to the amount of food on your plate. “Cooking to Slim” is a completely new section in which Dr. Fricker gives suggestions for light cooking, with easy recipes to make on a daily basis. In the two following sections, Dr. Fricker concentrates on the other methods of losing weight : sport, other kinds of diets (with a newly included comprehensive table of use and assessment of these different diets and food substitutes), psychotherapies, medications (including the most recent ones, both more and less dangerous), aesthetic surgery, courses of treatments, and thalassotherapy. The most theoretic elements of the Guide are of course brought up to date and situated at the end of the book, in the last two chapters entitled “Understand your weight to control it” and “Weight and Excessiveness”.

Jacques Fricker is a researcher at INSERM, a nutritionist at the Bichat Hospital in Paris, and a specialist in obesity.