Dominique Lanzmann-Petithory

Nutrition for a Long Life Publication date : February 20, 2004

What should one do to live in the best of health, for as long as possible?
The answer, according to Dominique Lanzmann-Petithory, lies in good nutrition and in leading a healthy life - and not, she emphasises, in medication or in some miracle product. The Cretans and Japanese, who hold the world record for longevity, offer living proof.
In this book, readers find out how to prevent cardiovascular diseases, preserve their intelligence and maintain their bone reserves. And they discover how they can use nutrition to obtain longevity - simply by following some basic health rules.

Dominque Lanzmann-Petithory is a gerontologist, nutritionist and specialist in sports medicine, at Hôpital Emile-Roux, in the Paris region. Besides being the co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, she is also a consultant for the food industry.