Dominique Laty, Jean-Bernard Mallet

The Pasta Diet Publication date : February 20, 2004

Pasta is as beneficial for the health as it is for the figure. After being berated for decades, pasta is making a comeback thanks to the recognised virtues of carbohydrates. However, it is essential to know which type of pasta to choose, and how to prepare it. When correctly associated with protein and vegetables, pasta can provide the energy and nutrients that are needed to maintain our bodies and spirits in the best form. In addition, pasta can be a complete meal in itself, and is thus perfectly suited to contemporary life-styles: pasta is easy to prepare, inexpensive and varied. La Diététique des Pâtes consists of six parts: - Health: the effects of pasta on glycemia, cholesterol, children’s growth; its positive effects on the performances of sportsmen and women; its impact on neurones. - Slimming: the positive effects of diets that are high in carbohydrates and protein; how pasta can help to rid us of the desire to nibble; how it can help us keep our weight stable. - Beauty: pasta and our skin; reducing cellulite; how pasta can help us obtain a flat stomach. - History: contrary to popular belief, pasta was not invented by the Chinese or the Italians, but by the Arabs. - Recipes: 138 recipes in six sections: – comfort soups – healthy salads – vegetarian dishes – complete fish dishes – complete chicken dishes – complete meat dishes. Dominque Laty is the author of numerous works on health and on keeping in shape, including Le Grand Livre de la forme (co-authored with Jacques Fricker) and Le Régime crétois. Jean-Bernard Mallet, a doctor specialising in sports medicine, has written many works on nutrition.